Fact-based and interactive analytics

to tackle your client’s mobility challenges.

What's in it for you?

Focus on Implementation not Calculation

Prioritise understanding your client's mobility issues and examine the effects of implementing different policies.

Multidimensional Mobility Analysis

Provide fact-based, multidimensional mobility analysis based on the employee data of your clients.

Interactive and fast

Straightforward approach - just a few clicks to identify new mobility scenarios for your client.

Your Solution - MobilityAnalyst

Discover your mobility strategy fact-based, fast and interactive


Easy to get started

Step 1: Gather your organisation’s commuting data
Step 2: Let us conduct the calculations
Step 3: Analyse and Optimise your organisation’s commuting

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Get tailored advice on MobilityAnalyst and see how you can leverage its functionalities to your needs. 
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Max Mooij
“When starting a (new) mobility-policy, you need a baseline to give you direction, show you potential and every possible result that comes with that.
That is what we are, your baseline.”

Max Mooij

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MobilityAnalyst as Enabler for

Mobility Change Driver

Be a credible mobility driver and shape your clients mobility future with a multidimensional mobility analysis.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Increased Client Satisfaction by measuring and quantifying policies that fit client needs best.

Higher Efficiency

Save time by fast mobility analysis and simulations, easily adaptable to your clients needs..

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Mobility Challenge

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About us

MobilityAnalyst is a service of MobilityLabel, provider of mobility policy tools.

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