The Mobility scan, starting point for all mobility projects

With the interactive mobility scan ‘MobilityAnalyst‘ you gain insight into the commutes of your employees, which you can use to further develop a new mobility policy, save costs or reduce CO2 emissions.

No specialized knowledge required


You get a broad insight into the total commute of your organisation, in the current and potential situation. You can see where your employees live, how they (can) travel and what the impact is on costs, travel times, CO2 emissions, parking spaces and vitality.

Fact based

You create a basis based on accurate and up-to-date data. You provide the postal codes of the residential addresses, the scan does the rest. With up-to-date timetables, accurate routes and congestions. Because you can only rely on facts.


Discover the change potential of your organisation: How many people can travel by public transport, bicycle or a combination of these? What is the role of P+R facilities? And what is the impact of this on, for example, parking spaces or CO2 targets?


With the interactive mobility scan you are literally at the controls to ‘play’ with other mobility policies. Without prior knowledge or complicated jargon. With a few clicks you can discover for yourself where there are opportunities for improvement within your organisation’s commuter traffic.

1. Set mobility policy

  •  For quick-scan or extensive analysis
  • No-nonsense and jargon-free
  • Privacy-friendly and GDPR-proof
  • Desk analysis or interactive workshops
  • One-time or annual checkup

2. Discover your change potential


You can easily discover answers to questions such as:

  • How much CO2 do we save if employees who live less than 5 kilometers away would come to the office by bicycle? Or 10? Or 15 km?
  • And what do we gain in vitality?
  • For which drivers would public transport be an acceptable alternative?
  • For how many people does public transport become attractive if we also look at the train-bicycle combination?
  • Can we reduce the number of company cars?
  • What would we save if everyone who traveled more than 30 minutes were to work from home for an extra day?
  • And how many workplaces and parking spaces do we need?

Target group

The mobility scan is widely applicable and is used for all types of employers; from production companies, service providers, governments, to healthcare institutions and education. Within these organisations, HR employees, managers, director-owners, Works Council members and other stakeholders set to work themselves to formulate scenarios and discover their impact. They do this themselves, together with their region, or with their trusted sustainability or mobility adviser.

Getting started in 3 steps:

Step 1: Fill in the input-template

Fill in the input-template with the data that applies to your organization. Need help? We are happy to assist you at

Step 2: Receive your scan file for MobilityAnalyst

We process the data from the input template and convert it into an mbl file, which is the key to the MobilityAnalyst ist Dashboard. You will also receive an excel file for your own analyses.

Step 3: Optimise and analyse your commuting

Use your file to access your own Dashboard. Play interactively with the measures to work out multiple scenarios that fit your objectives.


Based on number of employees

0-1.000 employees: €2.000
1.001-2.000 employees: €2.500
2.001-5.000 employees: €3.000
5.000+ employees: on request

Partners and clients

Our scope

Currently, most of our services are available in English, German and Dutch. The current version of MobilityAnalyst uses kilometers (and therefore no miles) and euros. Other localised versions or languages ​​may become available based on order volume and/or partnerships. Contact us for more information about localised versions of MobilityAnalyst in your area. We provide our interactive mobility scans in the following countries:

Austria / Österreich
Belgium / Belgique / België
Bulgaria / България
Croatia / Hrvatska
Cyprus / Κύπρος
Czech Republic / Česká republika
Denmark / Danmark
Estonia / Eesti
Finland / Suomi
Germany / Deutschland
Greece / Ελλάδα
Hungary / Magyarország
Ireland / Éire
Italy / Italia
Latvia / Latvija
Lithuania / Lietuva
Netherlands / Nederland
Norway / Norge
Poland / Polska
Romania / România
Romania / România
Slovakia / Slovensko
Slovenia / Slovenija
Spain / España
Sweden / Sverige
Switzerland / Helvetica
United Kingdom

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