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An interactive mobility scan starts by completing the input template.

download input-template MobilityAnalyst

Standard template

Our standard excel template can be found here. This template is directly fillable for most organisations, usually from an HR source file. The file can be filled in both limited and extensive. To start with, select your language at the top of the Excel sheet. Mandatory fields are work location and country/street/postcode of residence address. It is recommended to also fill in the FTE factor, so that in the scan (e.g. when calculating CO2 emissions or parking spaces), a distinction is made between full-timers and part-timers. If there are several options when filling in (an employee travels to several work locations or alternates between several travel methods), fill in the most frequently used option.

Organisation filter

If you want to distinguish in the MobilityAnalyst dashboard between different target groups within your organisation, such as internal and field staff, or between production and staff employees, fill in the column ‘organisation filter’ with this, so that this can be filtered in MobilityAnalyst. Filtering by work location occurs automatically when entering multiple work locations.

rent travel method

If known, you can enter the current (most commonly used) travel method per employee in this column. Permitted input options are:

  • car (also fill in for a motorcycle)
  • company car
  • transit (public transport)
  • bicycle (also for walking, e-bike, speed-pedelec or moped).
The value ‘unknown’ can also be entered. Persons with ‘unknown’ travel method are linked to bicycle, public transport or car with certain standard assumptions. If desired, this takes into account a known modal split of the organisation. If you want to make use of this, please inform us via your contact person with what percentages bicycle, car and public transport the travel method ‘unknown’ should be modelled in the current situation.

Data submission

After checking the data, provide the template to your mobility advisor, or mobility broker of your region. He or she will ensure correct processing and feedback the results to you. If you do not use an intermediary, provide the data as discussed with MobilityLabel.

Download the most up-to-date version of our input template here:

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